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Monday, October 15, 2007 A.D

The AFA has sued chat site '' among other sites including 'Chat Avenue' and 'Talk City'  among others for exposing non-family-friendly content to their children. The organization claims that "The sites have been violating the innocence of our children invisibly for too long" and "Must be shut down." 
In response, a representative of 'Cool Web Chat' -who asked to be known as 'Doc' here for the sake of privacy- wrote "We've been trying all we could to keep a thing like this from happening and we greatly regret having caused you any pain. We're so sorry."
The court ordered a few of the sites-including 'Cool Web Chat'- to be shut down by February 16th of next year.   

Turkey to become "Tar Nation"?

Friday, November 3rd, 2006 anno Domini

Scientists at the Nebraska Institute of Advanced Medical Research (NIAMR) have discovered a compound in Tar which studies suggest could be used to heal damaged bones. The project involves exposing various patients with skeletal problems to the gas for an hour, each, and has come with stunning results: scientists say an accident victim's fractured leg bones 'regrew' in fourty-two minutes and within another hour he was able to walk. This has resulted in a government increase of the institute's scientific funding to be used on this project. Most of this is being used to buy Tar and the main supplier? Turkey. Economic changes are already being seen in the middle-eastern country as interest in Tar rises from very little to a so-called "Tar rush", as George Eclentig, a scientist in the project stated last Tuesday. "Tar is becoming very valuable in Turkey," he said "it's already becoming a huge part of the economy. A gold mine."

On Thursday, the 24th of August, 2005 something strange was seen by the crew of a U.S tourist submarine in the pacific ocean.

 "It was horrifying," said passenger, Paul Mason age 34 on August 24th, the day after the incident, "and it was huge, and the weirdest thing was, it walked on two legs." The creature was described as having been 34 feet tall, with a huge head, luckily one of the passengers aboard during the incident drew a detailed picture of the creature. 
"We all saw it," said Molly Pascano, age 21 ", some marveled while others screamed and panicked." Jim Kastel, age 51 was one of two passengers aboard at the time who attempted to escape the submarine, "It was moving but I noticed the monster after most of the other people did, I heard screaming, and then I saw it. It was larger than the sub and I panicked and tried to escape." "It was so fast, and on two on the ocean floor I thought it was coming for us, but miraculously we all survived." said 28 year old, mother of two, Catherine Pleery who was with her children at the time. "We thought that the monster would eat us," said 10 year old, son of Catherine Pleery, Lucas "but it didn't." "It was huge and had small eyes," said Lucas Pleery's 12 year old brother Allen "I was relieved when I noticed I still had a head."

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