Caution (01/29/2022) - as of this date, many of these links are dead. Some of them are still alive and still good sites, but you should be careful as many other links are not what they were when I added them.


Monsterland (dead)

Home of the odd.


Random Thoughts

American Monsters


The Barony of Cowdenknowes

The Edge of Cyberspace (dead)

Procession of the Damned (Dead)

The Castle Monster (dead)

"The Cincinnati museum of horror" (long dead)

Institut Virtuel de Cryptozoologie 

The Unmuseum

Gigor (dead - used to be an Italian site for industrial doors which had great theme music and a cool layout and pong)

Godzilla Tower

The Kingdom of Loathing

Kaiju Headquarters (long dead)

The Shrine of Gamera

Bob Burns' Official Website

The Los Angeles Grim Society (Dead)

The Bunyip Official website

NORKA of Akron

The Fortean Times (barely a shadow of its former self)

William Steig

The Shadowlands

Paranormal type stuff.

The Boneroom

Spines! Get your spines here!

Evilgenius Networks

Great for getting weapons of mass destruction and mind control online for cheap prices!

Homestar Runner (flash is dead, but you can still go there)




This is for the birds.

American (alive)

The Castle of Spirits

Rainbow Valley

The Bray Road Beast official website

GoatMan hollow

The worlds of David Darling

The U.S versus John Lennon

The United States versus John Lennon

The Federation of American Scientists

I used to have a bad abbreviation joke here, but I baleeted it.  

Egad! Now they're making a moving picture about it?! WTC?!

Do you love WAVs, too?

This. Is. Zombocom.

Ask Shagg

The Artie Lang Deathwatch

Listen up

David Icke's Website 

Myspace (wouldn't bother with it these days)


The Death Clock





The Church of the Vampire

The Church of Satan

The Church of Ed Wood

The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Islam World

United Church of Christ Judaism Site

Church of Scientology

Raelian Revolution

Unitarian Universalist Association


The Church of the Subgenius

The Church of Ya Ho Wha (dead)


TV on the Radio Official Website

The Residents

Pink Floyd

Blue Oyster Cult Site 1

Blue Oyster Cult Site 2

Myssouri (dead)

Antic Clay

The Beatles

Three Dog Night

The Duke of Earl

Barrington Levy


Adam and Andrew (dead)

The folks who brought you "Emo Kid".

Pirate Station

Miak (dead site)

Apparently, there's a band called Miak. Guess they kill trolls. Right?

KEXP Radio
Breathless Photography

'BC' Website

Long live Johnny Hart.

Cool Web Chat

Cool Web Toys

Sued By Scotts

Please, Scotts... don't take our worm poop!

Dreaded Purple Master

Mars Attacks

Hot Sauce

El Yucateco

Probably the world's greatest hot sauce.



Pickle Surprise

Emoscene (dead)

Gigan Species Site (dead)

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