About the creator of the official website of Jignarania:

Albert Mond is a sixty-four 65 year old hermaphrodite as of April, 2006, anno Domini all time. Albert Mond designed this website. He/she lives in an unusually large hut on a high forest , somewhere in the African country of Namibia.

His/her father was an English adventurer named John .T Yabbenhoff. His/her mother was a three-headed woman named Elidu Moriphucananpacudo, who his/her father met at a freak show, in India. They met and became married in India. They had one child before me who was female and had three heads and super-human psychic powers. She is seventy-two and now terrorizes villages in Mumbai.

Right now, Albert Mond is working as a Russian spy. He/she is on a spying trip in the United States. He/she is a double-agent however, and he/she gives all the real information to a 
Namibian fur trader. 
And you might ask him/her, "If this spy stuff is true, why are you putting it on your website, where almost anybody with an electronic computer can see it?"
And he/she might say, "Because it's not."


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