Part I:

Doc Era I: Early days

In the beginning, Doc created on April 28th of 2006. The format was much different. Instead of hyper links to profiles, for instance, inchat-links were used. There were no sounds. No ability to ban. Or silence. All two of the Public Chats were stationed at; their names: Horizontal and Vertical. It was only after the entry of MiniWheat55 that he became known in absolution as "Doc".      

Doc Era II: Almond Era I:

One day, I came in. Anonymously. My name was "Evil Pear". I was adding the chat to me site, I was. I remember I used to use alot of funny words. Like "Hath". And "Entity". And "Cometh". Maybe even a little "Thy" and "Thee". I had a name colour which were maybe a little off-salmon? 

A bunch of stuff happened which I should write in this space some day.

This section brought to you by the pink toilets which roam the jungles of the world

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